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Dudley Mans


Word and Song Ministry

His Ministry

Spreading the Good News

Dudley Mans is a solo Gospel Artist from South Africa who released his first solo album, Oorgegee, in 2009.

His ministry is all about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, the only hope for the soul of man on its way to eternity. With his strong approach of evangelism, he uses his singing and preaching to bring hope to the world.

He believes in the complete work of salvation done on Calvary through the cross and death of Jesus Christ the only Son of God, and that He rose from death after three days, descended into heaven taking His rightful place at the right hand of the throne of God the Father and that He will return to earth to take from this world those who have accepted Him as the Lord and Saviour of their lives.

More About Dudley


Early life

Where it all started

Back in the Day…

Bekkie and Brenda Mans welcomed 2 sons into the world of which Dudley is the youngest born on the 25th of September 1979. His father is in the ministry and due to that they moved all over the country, from Kempton Park (Gauteng), Caledon (Western Cape), Vryheid (Kwa Zulu Natal), and ended up in Brakpan (Gauteng) where Dudley is the co-pastor with his dad at Lighuis

Dudley started singing when he was 13 years old. He started of by singing with his brother Clemens Mans in a band called “Revival Sounds” and after that he started his solo career in 2009.

Since then he brought out 6 Solo albums, 1 duet album with his brother (Clemens Mans) and appeared on several compilation albums and DVD productions. He is also busy working on some new exciting live band music videos and recordings.


Now and Beyond…


Dudley has since travelled all over South Africa, Israel and Namibia, ministering to audiences large and small. He is also currently ministering on Kruiskyk TV.

Dudley is the owner of Lighuis Produksies/Lighthouse Productions in Brakpan, creating content for Kruiskyk TV, YouTube and also this website.

Dudley is married to Cecile Mans. She is working side by side with him in the ministry and doing a lot behind the scenes. Dudley also has 2 children, of which the oldest is Ashley Mans and his youngest is Dudley Junior Mans.